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I see Reagan 


He’s kind of the opposite of me in a lot of ways. He’s not the kind of person that I would look at and say, “Oh hey, I’m going to do date-like things with that boy” without knowing him. But, I’ve gotten to know him really well. We are pretty cute together.  

But that doesn’t really matter, right? I mean, as long as you’re happy.

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I see Reagan 


Oh, I’m sure he will tease me. I’m surprised he hasn’t popped out to do so already. I’ll tease him back, I’ve always got his newfound love of snuggling to use against him. We’re doing a lot of talking about me now, we could be talking about you too, you know. We should be. 

Haha. Well, at least that’s something. You know, I never really imagined you two together, but now I do and you two are really cute.

I see Reagan 


It took a little while, and I was actually still a little shaky until a little while ago, but you know what? C’est la vie. I don’t need anything more than what I have, I don’t need to sit and be bothered about things anymore. Life goes on, and this is going to sound so cheesy that if he sees this whenever he comes back around that he’s going to tease me for the next century and a half about it.. But when it’s just me and Brandon, and I look into those warm, dusty green eyes… I’m better. In an instant. So, there’s my uber cheeseball remark. 

Awh. I think it’s sweet. And if he teases you, perhaps you need to find a way to tease him?

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We need to do this.


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Happy Birthday!!


I see Reagan 


Yeah, setting my dorm on fire wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had, but I’ve done worse before. I was just in there for a long time, alone, and I was upset about it. All my stuff was still in Oliver’s room, and without my roommate there.. There was pretty much nothing in there and it was depressing me. An empty life.. In an empty dorm.. So I set it on fire. It helped. Fire is cleansing. I think he likes my style, though he teases me about it. Then again, he teases me about everything. It’s his thing, it’s cute. I am pretty good at that stuff, but it’s still his room you know? Though I make no promises.. Sometimes the organization mindset just takes over.

Yeah, I understand what you mean. Though I take everything out on essays and everything. I guess we all have our things. I know that it can get pretty lonely all by yourself in a dorm, I guess I can understand why you did it. Haha, yeah. I get it. I’m happy for you that you figured stuff out now, Dylan.